Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fedora 13 first hand on

I started red hat linux from RH2? FC1 .. Fedora 12. Yesterday, I noticed some discussion on fedora list on Fedora 13 (Goddard). I was curious about others' experiences. In last versions, I normally started upgrading after about 3-6 months since the release. After through some posts, my hands started itching, couldn't help to start it.

After a few backup, starting preupgrate. hope it is a smooth run.

YES, It was a smooth run. All steps went well. I am happy Fedora 13 user. gthumb photo import and category management seems much improved. GOOD Work!

There is a long list of features of fedora 13, as reviewed here. A few things interesting to me:

Gnome 2.30

Fedora 13 would include GENOME 2.30. This will ensure that Fedora ships with the current version of Genome desktop. It would stay in sync with upstream. nice applications as evolution, gthumb etc

NetworkManager Mobile Status

ModemManager already has D-Bus methods to get the required information from various cards, but user needs to add some nm-applet icons for better cellular signal strength. They must compel  nm-applet/NM listen for signal strength changes, or poll modem-manager for such changes while connected. With the feature it would be easier to use mobile broadband. Users would know know when their device has a signal and if they are roaming or not.

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