Thursday, May 20, 2010

evince view chinese pdf

Evince, as document viewer in linux. It can display chinese characters. I posted a question online, "Evince is unbale to display Chinese pdf file? how to fix it? my system is 2.6.18-1.2239.fc5 and evince is 0.5.1", clearly, when I used FC5. Later I found a fix myslef " install xpdf". This fix does nit owrk this time. I will keep looking for solution.

Here is another post online:

upgrade from gutsy to hardy, does not get the problem in gutsy.
The pdf file that include chinese could not display, just echoed as some squares, but some of them displayed correctly.
I have installed poppler-data and xpdf-chinese-
simplified packages, and xpdf and adobe reader can display the pdf file without any problem.

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