Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Evolution on Fedora 12 CAN connect to Exchange 2007

As I stated previously "I was eager to upgrade my Fedora 11 to Fedora 12. I expect the F12 will make evolution work with MS exchange 2007. Since working place switched mail server  to Exchange 2007. The evolution on Fedora 11 became useless. There were reports on successful connections from evolution 2.28 to M$ exchange 2007." Well, evolution on F12 is 2.28.0, connection to echange 2007 via evo-mapi crahsed every time. Some guys from Ubuntu claimed good connection with evo 2.28.1. But this is not avaliable for F12. I looked at
It is there, why not departed to F12?? 
Now, evolution-mapi is working. 
Using DavMail as a bridge, edit account, receive server as 
localhost:1110 etc, works well. It retrieves mails in inbox. 
Some suggests that imap will get new mail from all folders. 
I got a error. Back to pop at the time being.

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