Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vi tips & trciks

This starts with my curiousity. I sent a question to fedora list

I come cross a remote server, when I type vim, it pops up a
default format as below. It is nice. I look through my server,  can't
figure out how to set up the vi parameters. Could some one show me

I am on gnome desktop of F12.


#USAGE:  ./


#OPTIONS:  ---
#BUGS:  ---
#NOTES:  ---
#AUTHOR:   (), <>
#VERSION:  1.0
#CREATED:  01/27/2010 07:55:21 PM CST

use strict;
use warnings;

got hint from a reader I installed vim-perl-support. It works brightly. Here is an addition link for vi fun vi-vim-tips-and-tricks.

Happy Vi

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Configure Gtalk/Pidgin behind proxy firewall

How to set proxy for Gtalk on pidgin? 

most connections, web, pidgin etc must go through a proxy. the proxy set as

port 8080
user username
password passwd

Take Gtalk as my test case, I work on gnome desktop of F12

1. System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy "directly internet connection' checked, that means no global or system environmental proxy setting
2. Pidgin Tools -> Preferences -> Proxy -> Configure Proxy -> 'Direct Internet Connection' checked
3. Pidgin -> Accounts ->Add -> Google Talk
Basic tab
  Protocol: Google Talk
Advanced tab
  Require SSL/TLS check
  Force old (port 5223) ssl checked

  Connect Port: 443
  Connect Server:
  File transfer proxies:
Proxy tab

set you http proxy
  proxy server:

click Add

You are good to connect