Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Configure Gtalk/Pidgin behind proxy firewall

How to set proxy for Gtalk on pidgin? 

most connections, web, pidgin etc must go through a proxy. the proxy set as

host proxy.aaa.bbb.cc
port 8080
user username
password passwd

Take Gtalk as my test case, I work on gnome desktop of F12

1. System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy "directly internet connection' checked, that means no global or system environmental proxy setting
2. Pidgin Tools -> Preferences -> Proxy -> Configure Proxy -> 'Direct Internet Connection' checked
3. Pidgin -> Accounts ->Add -> Google Talk
Basic tab
  Protocol: Google Talk
  Domain: gmail.com
Advanced tab
  Require SSL/TLS check
  Force old (port 5223) ssl checked

  Connect Port: 443
  Connect Server: talk.google.com
  File transfer proxies: proxy.eu.jabber.org
Proxy tab

set you http proxy
  proxy server:

click Add

You are good to connect

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