Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stewed Chestnuts

Alternative to Roasted Chestnuts, Stewed Chestnuts

Winter in Armidale is a season for chestnuts. That refreshed my memory of roasted chestnut in Lanzhou. Today (05/29/10), after visited Bunnings' grant opening in Armidale, we bought a bout 1 kg of chestnuts, looks like good quality, as there were fatty round and big.

I can't make roasted chestnuts here. Instead I cooked it as boiled chestnuts. The finished product is not bad.
1st Cut chestnut halfway through. This is an important step, to peal shell after cooked.

2nd pour into pan and add water, just cover the nut. Put on oven and boiling for 30 minutes.

this is the finished product. taste great!

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