Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Upgrade Fedora 11 to Fedora 12

I was eager to upgrade my Fedora 11 to Fedora 12. I expect the F12 will make evolution work with MS exchange 2007. Since working place switched mail server  to Exchange 2007. The evolution on Fedora 11 became useless. There were reports on sucessful connections from evolution 2.28 to M$ exchange 2007.

My laptop has not CD-ROM. The options for me were Boot from Fedora 12 live USB, installation from harddisk or preupgrade. Since Fedora 11, the preupgrade function has been enabled. I tried this with
sudo /usr/bin/preupgrade-cli. It started with downloading images and related rpms. After this completed and starting reboot and get to upgrade-installation. This step was smooth.

Unfortunately the first boot after update was frozen. Xorg was not started. I booted it up with a live Ubuntu USB and changed the start level to 3. After reboot it, I can login at the console or at a networked PC. This signalises the installation was basically ok. Only need to fix X window. I did not got any fix after sent out a few email to fedora-list.

Check anaconda.xlog Xorg.0.log, one warning message was a bit informative, google this message and leading to this page
it suggested to add nomodeset to kernel argument. In fact, It worked after removed nomodeset.

After started to level 5, login to gnome desktop. Looks nice. Tried firefox, jpilot, etc. Most of applications work, a few not-working:

evolution to exchaneg crashed.
OO writer can't read Chinese doc

Overall, this is a nice upgrade since I started with redhat, FC1 to Fedora 11.

Nice day

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